Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gaza - Lovejoy's @ SXSW; Austin, TX (03-18-11)

"Gaza" playing the Brooklyn Vegan @ SXSW. Gaza is grindcore from Salt Lake City.

Other Bands That Played:
-Owen Hart
-Kill The Client
-Ken Mode

Recorded from coresound binaurals onto Sony PCM-M10.

Please support these awesome musicians in their future musical projects, whatever they may be.

01. How It Is. How It's Going To Be...
02. The Kicking Legs
03. New Song
04. Slutmaker
05. Hospital Fat Bags (Part 1)
06. Hospital Fat Bags (Part 2) / He Is Never Coming Back
07. Canine Disposal Unit
08. Windowless House


As always, if you are a member of this band or a copyright holder and would like this removed all you have to do is ask.

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