Coats&PantiesHouse Events.

Shows at our house are an informal affair put on by myself and my amazing girlfriend Lisa. All shows are neighborhood-approved and donations-based, with any proceeds going to touring acts. Shows run on time, so get here early. Also, don't forget to follow us on facebook.

-no underage drinking
-no drugs
-no graffiti/vandalism (this includes Parade Of Flesh stickers!)
-no drama
-no partying out front
-no littering our neighborhood (don't leave trash in the street!)

Next Show:

Past Shows:
-Disposable Music, Monsters & Animals
-Shakes, Lindseys, Leg Sweeper
-Orgullo Primitivo, Vaults Of Zin, Marriage Material
-eetsFeats, Man Factory, Soviet, Little Boy
-Madison King, Noah Jackson, Little Boy, Monsters & Animals
-Dunes, True Widow
-The Stravinsky Riots, James Porter, Smooth Gravy, Tim Ruble
-Fancy Fist, Leg Sweeper, Orgullo Primitivo, Deflowered Electric Flesh Bride

Info For Bands:
1) I record shows here. :P
2) We provide fliers, 2 mics (w/ cables + PA), and a place to play.
3) Bring your own mic stands, or we'll hang things from the ceiling.
4) Please do your utmost to be here for the duration of all musical performances.
5) PROMOTE YOUR SHOW!!! (facebook, fliers, word-of-mouth, DIY!)

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