Credits And Thanks.

Thanks to my girlfriend Lisa for putting up with my at-times-antisocial show experience.

Thanks to the bands that encourage this type of recording and trust their live musicianship (even on the worst of nights) to convince you to support them.

Thanks to Machine Gun Romantics, Retro-Spectro, Join Or Die, Chest Pain, Sigo Siendo Un Fantasma, The Stravinsky Riots, and anybody else that trusted my live recordings with "official band release" status.

All shows recorded by me unless otherwise noted.

Additional Credits:
-Jenny Ray for her photos.
-Lisa Coats for her photos and video clips.
-Jesse from Join Or Die for some of their old videos.
-Willie from The Stravinsky Riots for videos of some of his old bands.
-John from Parade Of Flesh for some of his old minidiscs.

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