FAQ (including rar help!!)

How do i listen to things from here?
1) Find the set you want to hear
2) Click on the "Hear" link in that post
3) Click on the "Click Here To Download" link on mediafire
4) Find the file you downloaded ([setinfo].rar)
5) Open and extract the folder using rar software (below)
6) Open the resulting folder and enjoy your mp3s

Where do i find a free program that supports rar files in Windows?

Where do i find a free program that supports rar files on a Mac?
RAR Expander

Do you realize that you've called every band you've posted "awesome"? How the hell do I know what to download?:
This isn't a review site. Every once in a great while I'll slip a bit of overt enthusiasm into a summary, but for the most part I recommend that you give things an openminded listen. More rather than less. What have you got to lose?

I see cassettes. YOU RECORD TO CASSETTES?!?!?:

Why the adult content warning? It's annoying as hell!:
Yeah, it makes me click through it also, even when i'm logged in and it's my own blog. Blah. For the most part the answer is "just in case", but we do have some man-ass in the photos of Vorvadoss @ NoThanksFest, and some brief nudity in a few of the videos.

You used numbers instead of a less-ambiguous date-abbreviation. What if I'm from Europe?:
Until I'm recording outside of North America I'm sticking to what I'm used to. (month-day-year)

Why don't you have more song titles filled in?:
Because I spend enough time on this already, and appreciate "audience participation". I know there's tracks that start with a band announcing a song title that none-the-less have question marks on my blog. Feel free to comment and point them out.

I clicked a band name from the "Other Bands That Played" list, and it says there's nothing by that tag?!?:
Then there isn't anything by that artist posted yet. However, I don't add a tag link for bands that I haven't ever recorded (or can't share), so you might want to comment and/or check back soon.

I clicked a band name from the "Other Bands That Played" list, and suddenly I'm on an entirely different blog, and it says it moved!:
This blog used to exist at another address. Posts prior to 2011 may link back to that location. All posts on that blog exist here in duplicate, and either post will link you to the same download.

Why don't you record from the soundboard?
I used to occasionally, and anything from the soundboard has a sb tag on for easy searching. I don't record from the board anymore because I prefer the way a good mic recording sounds... it preserves a true "live" sound rather than a "wish-it-was-studio" sound.

Can I download the videos?
Vimeo allows downloads for the first week, otherwise comment on the one you want and I'll see what I can do about getting a download link to an avi. Posts that already have download links have the videodownload tag.

Why aren't these files ID3 tagged properly? They aren't ready for full featured usage in my medialibrary/cellphone!!
That's true. No tags on most of these. Sorry.

How are these encoded? What's the bitrate like?
Everything on here was encoded with EAC. Most are encoded at V0 standards, though they may average less. Some of the older posts may have been at 192 if i remember correctly.

Why are some of these recordings so quiet when compared to some official releases?
Read here.

Can I get a lossless copy of a show on here?
Unless you're in the band or have a damn good reason.... that's not what I do here. There are some good sites for that kind of thing mentioned on the links page. ;)

Do you trade recordings?
I don't trade; I just share. I definitely don't sell anything on this site either, if you haven't caught on by now. I simply invite you to sample my show memories on your way to purchasing an album or a tshirt or a mp3 download by an artist you like and want to support.

I have fliers/pictures/videos/drawings from [insert show here]! Do you want to put them on your blog?:
If you have stuff like this from a show I recorded I would love to include it and credit you for it. Please comment.

Will you record....?:
I offer competitive rates with discounts for multiple sets and/or my continued blog usage of the material. Email/facebook/comment.

You recorded my band. Can we use this recording for an official release?:
Of course! But I'd recommend you get in touch with me for a less lossy version to use than the one on here, and i do expect a mention ("Ryan @ SoundedLikeThis") in the credits.

You recorded my band or a band I make the decisions for. I don't appreciate it, and would like it taken down.:
I will do that. Please comment on the "Bitch About It" page, including the name of the act in question, who you are, & what your relationship is to the situation. This will result in prompt removal of access to your music from my blog, though it will not remove mention of the event and the event lineup. Please consider your motives and mine in making this decision. :)

Have people really asked all these questions? Frequently??:

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