Monday, January 17, 2011

True Widow - DoubleWide; Dallas, TX (01-15-11)

"True Widow" playing a show at DoubleWide. True Widow is local doom rock. It's truly a shame people were shouting over their set. That improves around the halfway mark.

Other Bands That Played:

Recorded from coresound binaurals onto Sony PCM-M10 (wav).

Please support these awesome musicians in their future musical projects, whatever they may be.

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07. ?


As always, if you are a member of this band or a copyright holder and would like this removed all you have to do is ask.


  1. woah. my singing sounds pretty bad! thanks for coming to the show and for taping. im not going to ask you to take this down. i'll get over it.

    - dan

  2. first time seeing you guys, but i thought you played a really good set, singing and all. :)