Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Envy - Rubber Gloves; Denton, TX (10-25-10)

"Envy" playing a set at Rubber Gloves Rehersal Studios. Envy is a Japanese screamo/postrock band these days, though they've varied styles some over the years.

Recorded from coresound binaurals onto Sony PCM-M10 (wav).

Other Bands That Played:
-La Dispute
-Touche Amore
-And So I Watch You From Afar [got there late, missed them]

Please support this awesome band in their future musical projects, whatever they may be.

01. Chain Wandering Deeply
02. Lies, and Release from Silence
03. Thousand Scars
04. Left Hand
05. A Breath Clad in Happiness
06. Scene
07. Go Mad and Mark
08. A Warm Room / Farewell to Words


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  1. The setlist for the show:

    1. Chain Wandering Deeply
    2. Lies, and Release from Silence
    3. Thousand Scars
    4. Left Hand
    5. A Breath Clad in Happiness
    6. Scene
    7. Go Mad and Mark
    8. A Warm Room/Farewell to Words