Saturday, September 25, 2010

The People Men - The Nightmare; Dallas, TX (09-24-10)

"The People Men" playing a show at The Nightmare (on Elm Street). The People Men play awesome 2piece surf rock.

Other Bands That Played:
-Orange Coax
-AIDS Wolf
-Gang Starr Museum [cancelled]

Recorded from coresound binaurals onto minidisc.

Please support this awesome band in their future musical projects, whatever they may be.

01. Socrates Poole Party
02. My Dad Lent Me Cash
03. Jeremy's Jog
04. Batman And Robbins
05. Kid Nickles
06. The Quitter
07. They Call Me MR. SLIMER


As always, if you are a member of this band or a copyright holder and would like this removed all you have to do is ask.


  1. Song titles mein froin.

    1. Socrates Poole Party
    2. My Dad Lent me Cash
    3. Jeremy's Jog
    4. Batman And Robbins
    5. Kid Nickles
    6. The Quitter
    7. They call me MR. SLIMER

    And how come "Surf" isn't labeled?

  2. thanks to you for the cool tunes dude!