Thursday, February 25, 2010

OMG You're Dead - 1919 Hemphill; Ft Worth, TX (09-08-03)

"OMG You're Dead" playing one of their first shows, opening for An Albatross. 1919 Hemphill is a diy community space in Fort Worth, Texas, in what used to be an old video rental store. OMG You're Dead is weird screamo-influenced grind/rock/craziness.

Other bands that played:
-An Albatross

Recorded from the back of the downstairs area onto minidisc with coresound binaurals.

This was my band at one of our first shows.. not a very good representation, but nobody else gets to edit out their crappy performances when I record them, so I won't either. This was very early in our life as a band, and many of the songs ended up different later on.

01. Intro
02. Body Disposal Included With Price Of Room
03. It's All Your Fault Nick
04. I've Got A Cherry, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
05. Mood: Diseased
06. What Would Asa Do?
07. One Great Big Happy Circle Of Death
08. Fufu The Poodle Has Jock Itch


If you are a member of this band and would like this removed because it's an embarrassingly shaky show you'll just have to grin and bare it with me, hehe.

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